OC2 RAFALE | Woo Outigger

The OC2 is the perfect combination of the most up-to-date developments in Hawaiian outrigger canoes and our experience manufacturing the finest Hawaiian and Polynesian pirogue models.

•    The outrigger float is placed further up the canoe, which gives it exceptional handling in surf conditions without negatively affecting its stability. Not dissimilar to the notorious Pueo model, its design allows it to glide above the water while remaining stable…
•    The seating layout is low-slung, in a similar fashion to OC1 models. This allows for extremely accurate steering, even during surfing, and means that the risk of being ejected from one’s seat is minimal.
•    The size of the canoe itself is limited to 7 metres, which greatly reduces the risk of crashing directly into oncoming waves. The relatively small dimensions also facilitate warehousing and storage.

The Rafale model is undoubtedly the lightest OC2 on the market. Provided with a superstructure, it comes in two distinct versions. The carbon fibre version weighs in at 13,500kg, while the fibreglass version comes in at 15,600kg.

The French best in class in 2014, this outrigger canoe has been dominating the league table in its category for the past two years, being accessible even to beginners, who will surely be won over by its exceptional gliding capabilities.


Boat Spec

  • RAFALE CARBON: Carbon, epoxy resin, sandwich PVC Foam
  • RAFALE FIBERGLASS: Fiberglass, époxy resin, sandwich PVC Foam
  • Length: 6,95 m
  • Weight: 14kg or 17kg


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